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Current news, contact info, etc.
Archive of past news stories, starting in early 1997.
A list of links to online record stores from which you can buy InSoc music.
How to request InSoc music on your local radio stations.
A discography of InSoc music with images, audio excerpts and comments for each record. website search engine.
Information about the InSoc IRC meetings.
A link to the InSoc UseNet newsgroup:
InSoc's record label: Cleopatra Records.
Everything you need to know about InSoc's new album, "Don't Be Afraid", including cover art, audio excerpts and comments.
A page about the producer of the album, Steve Seibold of Hate Dept.
A list of comments about the new album by people who have bought it, including a form to submit your own comments.
Audio excerpts, lyrics, and comments for each of the new songs.
A VERY thorough story of Information Society, divided into three sections: Old, Middle and New.
1981 - 1988: The early days, playing live in Minneapolis before getting signed.
1988 - 1993: The middle days, doing albums with Tommy Boy/Warner Brothers in New York City.
1993 - 1998: The new days, changing the sound and moving to San Francisco, making a new album and releasing it on Cleopatra records.
Another link to the discography of InSoc music with images, audio excerpts and comments for each record.
A timeline of major events from 1981 to present. Each year links into the detailed history files.
Pictures of and information about almost everyone who's been involved with InSoc over the years, including fans.
Kurt's biography page.
The InSoc Internet Task Force.
The InSoc international touring front.
The insoc internet terrorist force.
The Roster - A list of everyone who ever played in the performing group.
A list of people who have helped InSoc over the years.
Information Society's manager, Donnie Graves.
Steve Seibold, producer of InSoc's fourth album, "Don't Be Afraid".
InSoc's record label, Cleopatra Records.
InSoc fans' websites, etc.
Those who have succeeded in the hunt for White Roses.
Live InSoc performance information, images, and sound.
Current tour information.
InSoc's stage and touring equipment.
Performance Images.
Audio excerpts from live shows.
The InSoc international touring front. Information about people who currently play on stage in InSoc shows.
A list of (almost) every city in which InSoc has performed.
The current set list.
Just about every soundfile on this site (almost 300) is in this section. Sound effects, song excerpts, entire songs, and others.
An .mp3 player.
All song excerpts in a big list.
The entire recording of "Strength",
(5 megs)

the B-side from the
"Going, Going Gone" single.

The InSoc Obscura Archive. Entire songs that never saw the light of day.
Sound effects library of some of the actual sounds which were used on InSoc albums.
The .Wav O' The Week (tm), a weekly soundfile I give out at the InSoc IRC meetings.
A set of sounds for Windows95 system events I made.
A greeting from Kurt.
Just about every graphic or video image on this site (almost 500) is in this section. Photos of the band, album cover art, video clips, etc.
Every graphic image on the site sorted by category.
Fan artwork which has come my way over the years.
Information about the new album's cover art, including the InSoc Border. From here you can download your own copy of the program and images needed to make your own InSoc borders like the one on the new album cover.
Video clips of InSoc videos, the car, etc.
Interviews, reviews, essays and odds and ends.
Various texts are linked out to from this page.
Other Stuff
Everything else.
All about that big black car on the cover of "HACK".
Various programs and file sets relevant to InSoc, such as the InSoc88 program...
Information about InSoc Merchandise will sometimes be available here, depending on whether there is any at the moment.
InSoc video game music info.
Miscellaneaous somewhat-relevant links.