Here's a set of links I find amusing, interesting or relevant. Perhaps all three...

SONIC FOUNDRY makes the audio software I use. It rules, rules, rules.

Rachel Girard's artwork is on the cover of "Don't Be Afraid", and generally rules, rules, rules.

Katie Miranda's artwork is on the cover border of "Don't Be Afraid", and specifically rules, rules, rules.

Sam Leung also worked on the cover border is necessary.

Steve Seibold produced "Don't Be Afraid. HERE is a page about his band, "Hate Dept."

Sonia's Hair Police. They've been responsible for my hair over the years.

Forced Evolution Media - among other things, a great list of cool band's websites that you might not have known about.

The Rock Out Censorship organisation.

Paul Robb's record label, "HAKATAK"

THIS is funny.

InSoc websites made by other people

The Ultimate Band List



Faith & The Muse

Hate Dept.

Gary Numan