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   Check here for song excerpts, sound effects and other audio oddities.

All of the song excerpts on are recorded in MPEG-3 audio format. To listen to them, you MUST have an MPEG-3 audio player installed on your system. If you don't, feel free to DOWNLOAD THIS ONE.

HERE is a page for UNIX versions.

All of's song excerpts are gathered together in one place for easy access HERE.
The entire recording of "Strength",
(5 megs)

the B-side from the
"Going, Going Gone" single.

The InSoc Obscura Archive.
Complete recordings of songs, most of which have never seen the light of day... usually for a good reason. This includes early versions of songs that eventually made it onto albums, weird things recorded for no reason, and various other experimentations.
Sound effects library of sounds from InSoc songs. These are sounds actually used in the recordings on the albums. Feel free to download and use on your system.
HERE is a complete set of InSoc .wav sounds for your Windows95 installation. Download this (3.3 megs) and unzip it into the windows/media folder. Then start up the control panel and open the "Sounds" program. Select a system event and then select the sound in the sounds list which matches that event.
A greeting from Kurt.