InSoc Sound Effects Library

   These are sounds in .wav format which were used in recordings which have appeared on InSoc albums. Feel free to download these and use them on your system. If there is no file size given next to the link, you may assume that the file size is less than 200k.

What's On Your Mind
Metal Klink
"Hanna Manna Ganda!"
"Pure Energy"
Walking Away
Jet Rush & Explosion
"Let's Go See!"
Over The Sea
Jet Rush
Metal Spring drop
evil laughter
"Please, Please, Please!"
Hard Currency
computer noises
"100,000... 200,000... 300,000..."
High horns
Come With Me
"What is the meaning?"
Screaming Zap
Slipping Away
"Dream" singing
Still Here
"I am in radio contact!"
bass synth loop
Where The 'I' Divides
bass synth
knife sound 1
knife sound 2
"You know that you can never go home"
"People die in the desert"
Empty 3.0
Low Vocals: "Like a long-time friend" (243k)
"To leave behind a silent reproach" (233k)
Low Vocals: "And the skies mock our lowliness" (210k)
B-section background tone layer 1
B-section background tone layer 2
B-section background tone layer 3
Guitar loop 1 (414k)
Guitar loop 2 (634k)
Orchestra hit (215k)
Orchestra build (215k)
Closing In 2.0
Animal sound 1
Animal sound 2
Animal sound 3
Bass synth 1
Bass synth 2
Guitar hit 1
Guitar hit 2
Stretched Knife sound
Orchestra hit (347k)
Metal clang (313k)
Stretched metal clang (1.2 Megs)
Guitar loop 1 (330k)
Guitar loop 2 (341k)
On The Outside 2.1
Guitar hit
Low vocals: "But there's nothing worth doing here" (502k)
Background tone 1
Background tone 2
"I haven't any dreams left to dream"
Guitar riff 1
Guitar riff 2 (357k)
Guitar riff 3 (398k)
Distorted kick drum
Ending World 1.1
Distorted piano
Background tone
Guitar loop
Key on formica surface 1
Key on formica surface 2
Key on formica surface 3
Key on formica surface 4
The Most Annoying Sound In The World (tm) (229k)
Orchestra hit (295k)
Orchestra build (1.2 Megs)
"All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again" (771k)
"I am absolutely right"
"I am absolutely certain"
Drum loop 1
SEEK300 2.11
Bass Synth Low
Bass Synth High
Guitar Chug 1
Guitar Chug 2
Distorted Bass
Distorted Synth 1
Distorted Synth 2
Distorted Synth 3
Distorted Synth 4
Distorted Synth 5
Distorted Synth 6
Orchestra hit 1
Orchestra hit 2 (234k)
Synth percussion loop
"The sun is rising!"
"Sure is dark here"
The Sky Away 2.0
Andes flute
Small bells
Stretched guitar (269k)
Girl voice: "The Sky"
Girl voice: "Away"
Bass synth build
Background tone
Are 'Friends' Electric? 2.0
Orchestra build (451k)
Ozar Midrashim 1.1
Animal sound
Hollow percussion sound (232k)
Sleigh bells
Cardboard barrel
Orchestra tone (229k)
The Ridge 1.1
Animal sound (245k)
Altered animal sound
Creak 1
Creak 2
Computer noise