When I update the InSoc News paragraph, I usually save the old one off into this document, in reverse order. External links on old stories are likely to be no longer valid.

01 / 15 / 98
The new, large, REAL InSoc.org website launch date is 01/23/98.
This site will be down for several days prior to that for uploading and beta-testing. This new site will contain EVERYTHING pertaining to InSoc, past and present. There will be several hundred megabytes of resources and several hundred HTML files. This has been in the works throughout 1997 and is well worth checking out. Come back on the 23rd.

I'll be doing a live chat on the Macro Music chat server on Wed., Jan. 21st at 8pm Central time. You'll need to download the ichat plug-in there.

I'll be doing vocals for the re-mix album after the site is up and running.

Other than that, the task that is occupying all my and my manager's attention is STILLsettling a label situation in Brasil. Once we do that, we can start working on building the new live show. Spotlight (Polygram) in Brasil has agreed to pick up the album and perhaps fund the tour. Now we are working on contracts. (A very slow process, I'm afraid)

12/03/97    Yesterday I signed a contract with Cleopatra to do (drumroll...)
It's going to be cool. Follow this link for details.

   In other news, I just finished a re-mix of Gary Numan's own re-make of his own song "I Die; You Die" from his 1980 album "Telekon". This song will appear on a Gary Numan re-mix compilation that Cleo will have out in the spring. More on that as it develops.

There has been some confusion over when the actual release date is.
CDNOW.COM and several other online stores have been sending messages to the people who pre-ordered the CD saying that the release date has been pushed back to 09/30.
I called Brian at Cleopatra and asked him about that, and he said that they hadn't done anything of the kind. He called their distributor, Caroline, and asked them if THEY had pushed back the release date. Caroline said they hadn't done anything of the kind either.
This isn't very important, though, because a "release date" just isn't accurate at high resolution. It's just the date that the record company tells their distributor that they can tell their customers (the record stores themselves) that orders placed on or after that date will be filled in a reasonable amount of time.
Cleopatra and Caroline got the CD's last week. Caroline shipped a bunch out last week. They'll start showing up over the next week at record stores.

Here is an InSoc interview on The Plague.

I don't know yet about the release date for a single yet. Cleopatra is sending whole albums to a few DJ's and getting feedback from them about which song should be the single. It is possible that there will not be a single at all.

The record had to be mastered again. Here's why. It shouldn't delay the album.

THEN... A mail-order media store in California (Not Georgia) called "EXXUS" sold me 50 blank Memorex CD's. I recorded the final, mastered version of "Don't Be Afraid" onto one of them. The factory called back and said that the disc is flawed, and could I send another one. I burned a new one, and noticed 3 small blemishes in a row. I burned another one. Same thing. I looked at a fresh, new one out of the cellophane. Exact same 3 little marks.
They sent me 50 factory rejects.
I just called them. They were extremely unhelpful. So I sent them e-mail. Let's hope no one else buys anything from them.

07 / 13 / 97
This will most likely be the last postponement of the release date. All the materials are in. To quote Cleopatra: "This release date CAN'T change." The only thing left to be done is the audio mastering of the album.
I don't know yet about the release date for the single of "Are 'Friends' Electric?", but it will be no later than the release date for the album. However, It is possible that it will not be released as a single at all, and that some other song will be chosen as a single.
Oddly enough, although "Don't Be Afraid" is not yet available, there are no less than THREE CD's with InSoc music available before it comes out.

06 / 25 / 97

02 / 01 / 97
Here's the first new official InSoc product since 1992.
<----; This is a scan of the PRO-CD DJ-only release of the first single, "Are 'Friends' Electric?" from the upcoming 4th Information Society album, "Don't Be Afraid". As you can see, this is not for sale. Unfortunately, it never will be. Only radio and club DJ's can get it. If you're a DJ, Send mail to Cleopatra and try to convince them to send you a single.

04 / 01 / 97
The July issue of Keyboard Magazine will has an interview with me in it. Steve Seibold (see below) and I just finished recording the songs for the new 4th InSoc album in February. I just have to put all the songs together into one big recording on my hard disc, with all the little bits and pieces of stuff in between the song in place, and all the edges of the songs blended so that there is only one silent spot between songs. My manager is continuing to work out the situation with the record label. I'm also working on the complete website. Working with Steve was the best experience I've had working on music with anyone ever. I'm very pleased with the results, which will be in stores later this year.

02 / 13 / 97
Last night the police here (in San Clemente) finally stopped me to scope out me and my car. According to them, people had been calling in for weeks, but they couldn't find it. (The car) Funny... it's parked right on the street outside Steve's house every day... Well, I'm sure these law enforcement officers are fine in-DUH-viduals. (Thanks to Scott Adams) The cops were, as usual, more interested in getting to take pictures and ask questions about my car than anything else, although one of them did ask me "So, uh, you had any trouble with the law back in Minnesota? Any parking tickets, any murders?" I got irate.
On the left is a picture taken last week of Steve in his studio. This is where the bulk of The album was recorded.

On the right is Steve using his exercise gear to unwind after a session.

01 / 25 / 97
here's a picture of me and my 34th birthday cake.

12 / 29 / 96
I finally pinned down exactly WHO will be producing the rest of InSoc's 4th album, "Don't Be Afraid". His name is Steve Seibold, and he is the "main guy" of Hate Dept. I need to figure out exactly when, where and how we're
going to record, but today we decided to set 01/09 as the tentative start date.