Yes, an InSoc Greatest Hits re-mix album. The image to the left is a prototype of the cover art by Jason Rocheleau. This record will have 10 InSoc songs re-made by various artists, with the vocals on the old songs being done over again new by me. 5 old songs and 5 new ones. The extra song, a version of Iceolate that I mentioned earlier will not happen.
   The remixes are all done! Cleopatra was planning on releasing one of the remixes of What's On Your Mind on vinyl only in August. There may be some revisions to some of the remixes, so the exact release date for this single and the remix album itself are still not known, but it should be sometime between October and January.

Here's list of remixes, not in order:

What's On Your Mind - Judson Leach & The Exhibition
Peace & Love Inc. - Biokraft
Think - Spahn Ranch
Walking Away - Leaetherstrip
Ending World - Ikon
What's On Your Mind - Girl Eats Boy
Going Going Gone - Razed In Black
Empty - Astralasia
On The Outside - THD
Ending world - Electric Hellfire Club

The list of tracks could change slightly.
This file will be updated as this situation develops.