The Car

   My car is a 1973 Plymouth Satellite Sebring. The original 318 V-8 was replaced with a 440 V-8 from a 1977 Chrysler Gran Fury III Police HP engine in 1988. That engine was rebuilt, 30 over on the bore, in 1990. The car has a 4-barrel carbeurator, a racing transmission, and a 3/4 racing cam. The wheels and tires are oversized to a total of 20% larger than spec. All the trim, all interior padding, and the back seat have been removed. The front seat has been re-padded and covered in black leather.

   In 1989 and 90, Linus Corragio, a welding sculptor in New York worked on the exterior of the car, working to a notebook full of drawings I had given him. Most of the exterior is covered with expanded steel mesh. Numerous steel tubes and some re-bar are also attached. There is a functioning laser on the roof, and 18 extra lights: one red light in each wheel well, 2 yellow lights pointing down and forward from the back bumper, 3 white lights pointing down at the trunk from the roof, 2 as headlights, 5 on the front roof rack pointing forward, and one on each side of the front roof rack pointing down and to the side. I found a deer pelvis in 1996 and attached it to the roof, and painted it black. There are two plaster skulls on the front bumper. The front bumper has been replaced with a construction of steel bars taken from NYC "no parking' signs.

   Why? It was something I felt I needed to do.

   The car now belongs to my friend David King, and is in storage in Oakland. I still have access. David's planning on continuing to build onto it. HERE is a picture of the last day I used it, at Burning Man in August of '97. Black Rock City, Nevada. Me and some of my friends. David's on the lower left.

   HERE is a page full of pictures of the car, in various states of construction.

HERE is an article about the car on

Here are some .mpg video clips of the car. They are the same as the ones you might have found in the IMAGES section of this site.

VIDEO - .MPEG format - 10.2 Megs - The Car on MTV in NYC

VIDEO - .MPEG format - 1.6 Megs - The Roof-Laser

VIDEO - .MPEG format - 2.1 Megs - Construction: Grinding the car (watch the sparks fly!)

VIDEO - .MPEG format - 6.8 Megs - Grinding the car some more

VIDEO - .MPEG format - 5.4 Megs - Narrated circular tour of The Car

VIDEO - .MPEG format - 5.0 Megs - Driving around on the "Think" video shoot

VIDEO - .MPEG format - 4.1 Megs - REALLY driving around on the "Think" video shoot!

VIDEO - .MPEG format - 2.1 Megs - Car drives by on a Utah highway south of Moab, Utah.

VIDEO - .MPEG format - 1.4 Megs - 125 mph in Nebraska (this was used for the above animated .gif)

VIDEO - .MPEG format - 6.9 Megs - Clip from the video for "Think" with The Car