InSoc video game music

   Since 1993, I've been doing music for video games. This has been great work for me, since it involves four things I love:

   Video games
   Staying home

   Here's a list of game music I've done, with links to more information about them.

1994 - SeGa Genesis - Some Scooby Doo game, I never did get the full title. I did 3 of the songs.

1994 - SeGa Genesis - "X-Men II; The Clone Wars" by HeadGames - I did most of the music.

1995 - 3DO - "BALLZ3DO" by P.F. Magic - I did most of the music and all of the sound effects. Some of the music on this game consists of earlier versions of InSoc songs on "Don't Be Afraid".

1995 - SeGa Genesis - "Nightmare Circus" by SeGaSoft - I did about half of the music and all of the sound effects. I'm not sure that this game was ever actually released...

1996 - Audio CD - "X-Men II; The Clone Wars" audio CD. X-Men II was a fairly successful game, even though it came very late in the lifespan of the Genesis. In 1995, SeGa decided to produce full-blown audio CD's of the music from some of their more popular Genesis titles. You can see a list of them for sale at HERE.

1997 - Sony Playstation - "GEX 2" by Crystal Dynamics" - I did one level of music called "Rezopolis"

1997/8 - Sony Playstation - "KAIN3D" by Crystal Dynamics" - Yes, there will be a new KAIN. "Ozar Midrashim", from the new InSoc album "Don't Be Afraid" is the title track. I started the rest of the music in March.