Hi, Thanks for taking the time to go through the Information Society website. I'm Kurt Harland, the lead singer and sole member of InSoc. I did all this myself (with invaluable assistance from the InSoc Internet Task Force. As a result, the HTML here is not only simple, it is amateur. I do not aspire to be a web designer. Please mail me about any spelling errors, broken links, or other flaws in the site.

   This site asks your computer to use this font. I encourage you to download it and install it on your system, so you can see the site as I designed it. If you need instructions on how to install a font, click HERE. I know it's annoying to be asked to download a font just to look at a website, but this is how the Information Society site is supposed to look, and I think you'll find it worth the time. It's only a 40k file, and will most likely take less than 30 seconds to download.

   To properly view this site, you should be running in at least 1024x768 resolution, and at least 16-bit (65k) color. It is laid out to work in a NetScape window at this resolution such that the front page will not have scrollbars, as long as the "Directory Buttons" are not showing. (To turn them off, uncheck that option in the 'options' menu of NetScape)

   The song excerpts here are mostly in MPEG-3 format. You will need an .mp3 audio player to hear them. If you don't have one already, download this one. I use .mp3's because they sound almost as good as actual CD audio, and they're 11 times smaller. RealAudio can be smaller, but it sounds bad. When RealAudio sounds as good as the .mp3's I have here, it's not really any smaller.
   For UNIX versions, try HERE. A Solaris version is HERE.

   Feel free to download and post any of the graphics images here and use them on your own sites to refer to InSoc. The InSoc logo is trademarked property of Information Society. You have permission to use it to refer to InSoc, but not to promote anything else. (Meaning, don't use my logo to promote your band.)