1. - Download the font either HERE or back on the front page. (only 39k) Be sure you know where on your hard disc it's going.

2. - Hit the Start button in the lower left corner of your screen.

3. - Choose "Settings"

4. - Choose "Control Panel"

5. - Double-click on the "Fonts" icon.

6. - From the "File" menu, choose "Install new font"

7. - Choose the drive and folder into which you downloaded the font from the InSoc site.

8. - When "Boost Light SSi Light (TrueType) appears in the list of fonts, click on that name once to select it.

9. - Hit the "OK" button.

If you get a message telling you you already have this font installed, then... well, you probably already have this font installed, and this was all a waste of time. I think this is highly unlikely to happen, however.