Donnie Graves,
Pacific Management services

   Donnie Graves has been InSoc's manager since July 1993. He and his company, Pacific Management Services are located in Los Angeles. He also manages James Hall, Three Walls Down, Cottonmouth Texas, and Brother Sun, Sister Moon.
   Also working at PMS are Orna Banarie and Moritz Trapp.

"Donnie Graves fell in love with music before the comined allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy. After spending five and a half years as Frank Sinatra's valet caddie, he left Hollywood for the wide open tundra of South Dakota. As a graveyard-shift DJ on Sioux Falls' "All polka, all the time" radio station he discovered rock and roll, and the rest is history. A two-year stint with Michael Jackson, six world tours with Prince, Supertramp, Amnesty International and Sting followed. As a manager, he guided the careers of everyone from Concrete Blonde and Megadeth to Fine Young Cannibals and Herbie Hancock. He produced a TV show for Showtime and worked on film music for Round Midnight, Colors, The Last Emperor and The Fisher King. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Donna and dogs Dreyfus and Remmington. When he is not arm wrestling with Kurt, he does gardening in his bathrobe, chain smokes and races karts." (Pictures above)

"Having grown up in Los Angeles, Orna has always been close to the entertainment business. Her first music-related job, working for the unparalleled Frank Zappa came about while still in high school.
   While at UCLA, Orna worked at Larrabee Sound Studios. This gave her further insight into the music industry. There she worked with Sting, Madonna, LA Reid, Babyface, Paula Abdul, The Jacksons and Natalie Cole, to name a few.
   She then moved on the Society Of Singers, a non-profit organization that helps singers in need. At SOS, Orna worked as the Assistance Program Coordinator and Event Planner. Planning major events for the organization including a tribute to Frank Sinatra, Tony Martin, and Peggy Lee.
   Orna had the privilege of working with Henry Mancini as his assistant from 1992 until his passing in 1994. For Orna, Hank has been a major influence as an example of humility, sensitivity and talent. She played an integral part in planning his 70th birthday party, a charity eveny held at UCLA with guests Luciano Pavarotti, Quincy Jones and Julie Andrews.
   After the tragic loss of Henry Mancini in 1994, Orna landed her job working with Donnie at Pacific Management. It was just the right place for her. Working in management has given her the perfect venue to blend both her creative and organizational skills.
   Orna lives in Santa Monica with a purple Great Dane named Cuddlebunny, two miniature rhinoceri (as yet unnamed) and seventy-tree small styrofoam wig heads. She is happy to be a friend to all man and womankind and has been known to frequent Small Claims Court when she is in the mood for a good laugh.
   Orna can be seen this spring on the Big Screen in "Bite Me Seymour", the long awaited R-rated sequel to Little Shop Of Horrors."
"Apparently, being born into a cacophonous German household of crazed-out classical, jazz and beat )is that the right term for that era of music back then?) musicians must have had an irreparable impact on little Moritz. Indeed, his relation to the "Sound Of Music" 's Von Trapp family literally force him to sing "Do-Re-Mi' while crawling on all fours.
   Ever since his early teens, Moritz contributed a wide cariety of noise to several bands' sound pretending to play piano, trumpet and drums. It is needless to mention that none of those bands had any kind of artistic value or commercial success.
   After discovering that Moritz' strengths are more geared towards various business aspects of music rather than the performing side, he found himself quickly learning more about general business as an Internation Management and Marketing major. Additionally, he kept in touch with music throughout various student jobs, e.g. working as a college radio DJ in Phoenix, AZ.
   By the time he graduated with an MBA, he tried to get his foot in the door of the music biz's corporate side: a major label. Unfirtunately, at this time, jobs cut rather than new openings were on the agenda of the German record industry.
   So, here he is now in L.A., enrolled in UCLA Extension's Music Business program, interning for Sony Music and, of course most importantly, interning for Donnie!
   Moritz's habitat is the clubs, so beware: whenever you see a blond, almost deaf, obnoxious guy with big fuzzy sideburns and a weird name (obviously you can't smell that) standing right next to you at theis show, it might be him!"