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1992 - Reprise records
Catalogue # 9 45092-2
This was a "flat", a 12" cardboard
print for record store displays.

Peace & Love, Inc. album

After a lot of touring for Hack, we settled back in to writing material for another album in 10/91. Around this time, we and everyone working with us were possessed by a mania for change at any cost. So we got a different A & R guy from Reprise, and looked for a different producer. There were conflicting ideas about what sort of producer we needed, so in a classic example of art by comittee, we decided to use 4 different producers for different songs.
Mike Thorne produced 5 of the 10 songs. He was known for doing most of Soft Cell's albums, and had just finished Peter Murphy's "Holy Smoke". Eric Kupper was a New York dance scene remixer kind of guy, as was Joey Beltram. Karl Bartos was a member of the legendary Kraftwerk before forming "Electric Music".

By this time, "techno" had happened, and we all thought "Finally! We can be our own electronic selves and no one will criticize us for not playing guitars." It wasn't much of a switch for us. We just indulged ourselves a little bit more in synth-sample noodling than we had been.
We started recording in 02/92, and finished in 06/92. The album came out in 10/92, and we began touring for it that month. We made a video for the song "Peace & Love, Inc." in 09/92, which was never played on MTV. Since I think it's a fairly good vido, I included the entire thing in .avi format on the Data CD of "Don't Be Afraid", and a short clip of it here. (5.4 Megs)

Mike was a long-time Synclavier owner, so the 6 songs we did with him were all recorded on the Synclavier. It sucked. Never buy into cutting edge equipment. 5 years later, you'll be able to buy something that does what your $250,000 thing does for $5000, and it will have some unforseen innovation that cannot be added to the thing you bought. For example: Mike's Synclavier was basically an early direct-to-disc multi-track recorder. But it had no digital outs.
The other pieces were recorded in the more conventional 2-inch 24-track tape method, but by now, ADAT's were becoming ubiquitous, and they were used for some of the work.

Equipment used on this album included:
Voyetra's Sequencer Plus Gold MIDI sequencing software
A Synclavier
Some really strange Buchla synth
A Serge modular analogue synth which took up one whole wall
Akai S-1000 samplers
Roland D-110
Roland U-110
Roland MKS-80
Roland MKS-50
Roland D-50
E-MU Proteus
Oberheim Matrix 1000

Song Clips

Trk. # Song title Audio Excerpt Comments
Peace & Love, Inc.
Music as politics
Going, Going, Gone
Thank god for E-MU.
To The City
Where to, Mac?
Made To Be Broken
Techno, indeed...
Still Here
Thanks, Carl
A Million Watts Of Love
10^6 W
Where Would I Be Without IBM?
To Be Free
If It's Real
I know what you know?
The last ballad...
Where The 'I' Divides
Tomah, WI.
300bps 8,N,1
That horrible ringing sound...

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