Comments: Still Here

    I wish I could say I was the only person to ever sample Carl Orff, but no single piece of music (except perhaps that "funky drummer" section of that James Brown song...) has been sampled so heavily as Carl Orff's "O Fortuna", from his master work, "Carmina Burana". Techno clubs play songs with samples from it, raves play the techno cover of it, goth clubs just play the original. The rest of the piece is pretty lame, but "O Fortuna" rocks.

    Since 1989, I've done most of my home composing on a pair of Akai S-1000 samplers. When you first turn on an S-1000, it comes up with this generic sine wave synth tone loaded in. Frequently, you would start sending notes to it before remembering to load in the sounds, and you'd get that sine wave tone... I grew to like it. I used it as the beeping melody line here. Now that it was ok to be electronic again...

    McCoy's voice is from the "Mirror, Mirror" episode again. The "I am in radio contact" line is from an episode of "The Outer Limits" called "The Zanti Misfits", which featured a young Bruce Dern being killed by 8-inch space ants with beards.

    Old Star Trek adepts will also recognize the photon torpedoes. This sound is, by the way, a very slowed-down recording of a tight metal cable being struck with a hammer.

    This song was prodcued by Joey Beltram.