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1988 - Tommy Boy Records
Catalogue # TB 911

What's On Your Mind single

That's my INDEX FINGER! The person who made the cover just didn't cut out the silhouette very well.
This single had the album version and some re-mixes by Little Louie Vega.
This was our first major-label single, and no one, especially not us, expected it to get much pop radio play, and we certainly didn't plan on it charting. There was a period in the summer of '88 when you couldn't get the thing because so few copies had been printed that they ran out right away. It took 5 weeks to print up new ones. We hastily made a video, hastily made a tour, hastily got apartments in New York, and generally ran around in chaos trying to adapt. It was weird.
Because of MTV's massive saturating over-playing of the video, people started recognizing us and singing "I wanna know!" at us. You can't imagine how eerie it is to have strangers know about you, when you know nothing of them. It's like an episode of The Twilight Zone.

The 4-song track list below is for the CD. This single was also released on vinyl, and had a different 5-song track list, including 3 mixes not found on the CD called "The 54 Mix", "Percapella", and "What's On Your Dub Mix".

Equipment used on this single included:
E-MU SP-12 drum machine
Sequential circuits Prophet-2000 sampler
Roland JX-3P analogue synth
Roland MKS-80 analogue synth
8 Yamaha TX81-Z's
Voyetra's Sequencer Plus Computer Sequencing software

Song Clips

Trk. # Song title Audio Excerpt Comments
What's On Your Mind
Pure Energy, indeed!
What's On Your Mind
(Club Radio Edit)
What's On Your Mind
(Pure Energy Mix)
What's On Your Mind
(Club Mix)

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