Comments: What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)

    This is the most well-known song of the middle era of Information Society. This is the first song to get national airplay, the first song to enter the top 100 chart, rising eventually to position #3. The video was the first to receive heavy airplay on MTV.

    Here is the metal impact sound. It's the sound of Jim Cassidy hitting an anvil with a sledgehammer.

    Little did I know in 1987 when I was recording the audio from episodes of the old Star Trek how many times one of these snippets would be heard, and by how many people. In the episode "Errand Of Mercy", Spock comments on the non-corporeal nature of the locals. To quote The Star Trek Compendium:

"As the moment of all-out war approaches, the Organians reveal themselves as omnipotent beings of pure energy."

    Here is the "Pure Energy" sample for you to play with.