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1986 - Tommy Boy Records
Catalogue # 877.

Second Running single.

When Tommy Boy decided to release "Running" as a single, they also felt they should do a re-mix. This was back in the days when re-mixing a song not only resulted in something that sounded like the original, you could also usually assume that it would sound BETTER. I feel this Joey Gardner re-mix was one of the three best re-mixes we ever got.

Equipment used on this song included:
Roland Promars Compuphonic mono synth. (which I still have)
Roland CSQ-600 600-note CV/gate digital sequencer.
Brand-new Roland TR-808 analogue synth drum machine.
Moog Prodigy mono synth.
Roland RS-09 analogue string/organ-sound poly synth.
Sequential Circuits Pro-One.

Song Clips

Trk. # Song title Audio Excerpt Comments
"The Nest" Re-mix
This is the original mix instrumental.

Follow this link to purchase this single, which Tommy Boy has recently re-released on CD.