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1985 - Wide Angle/Twin Tone Records
Catalogue # 8547.

Running single

Wide Angle was primarily in the business of selling dance singles. So, in an arrangement similar to the later Warner Brothers/Tommy Boy deal, Wide Angle put out this single, while Twin Tone put out the "Creatures Of Influence" album. This is NOT the mix of the song that Tommy Boy released.

Equipment used on this album included:
Roland Promars Compuphonic mono synth. (which I still have)
Roland CSQ-600 600-note CV/gate digital sequencer.
Brand-new Roland TR-808 analogue synth drum machine.
Moog Prodigy mono synth.
Roland RS-09 analogue string/organ-sound poly synth.
Sequential Circuits Pro-One.

Song Clips

Trk. # Song title Audio Excerpt Comments
The Originator!
This is the same as track #1, just without vocals.

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