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1984 - Twin Tone Records
Catalogue # TTW 8548

Creatures Of Influence album

Later in 1983, Paul got to know some people who worked at a studio on Nicollet Ave in Minneapolis. They extended him some free studio time to record some new songs. I sang some of the vocals, and Murat Konar sang more. Murat also wrote "Running".
The studio was in the same building as Twin Tone records, and right next door to Wide Angle records. Jerry Sylvers (Wide Angle) and Paul Stark (Twin Tone) agreed to print the recordings that came out of these sessions.

Equipment used on this album included:
Roland Promars Compuphonic mono synth. (which I still have)
Roland CSQ-600 600-note CV/gate digital sequencer.
Korg MS-20 mono analogue synth. (This one has a patch bay on the front.)
Roland TR-808 analogue synth drum machine.
Oberheim DX drum machine.
Moog Prodigy mono synth.
Roland RS-09 analogue string/organ-sound poly synth.
Synare synth percussion pad.
Electro-Harmonix Minisynth mono synth.
Sequential Circuits Prophet-600. (Our first MIDI Synth!)
Sequential Circuits Pro-1.

Song Clips

Trk. # Song title Audio Excerpt Comments
Who's singing this?
The one that started it all.
Creatures Of Influence
The Preacher Man...
Don't Lose Your Mind
Who's singing this?
Fall In Line
Who's singing this?
The Swamp

I don't think it's possible to purchase this album, but you might want to try calling Wide Angle Records in Minneapolis at 612.827.4902.