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1992 - Tommy Boy Records
Catalogue TBCD 544

Peace & Love, Inc. single

This was the first single released for the third album, "Peace & Love, Inc. I was never too happy with the cover art. That was Tommy Boy's idea. I wanted very much to stick with the official InSoc logo. There were also stickers made.
We did a hastily organized little trouble-making event to promote this in New York in 10/92 on Wall St. during which we yelled a lot and tossed out a lot of dollar bills.
By the time this single came out, DJ's had dropped all pretense of "re-mixing" the songs... now they basically just did new songs using a little bit of your vocals... maybe. I find this really irritating. There is virtually nothing in the "Passion mix" that originated from InSoc other than the vocals.

Equipment used on this album included:
Voyetra's Sequencer Plus Gold MIDI sequencing software
A Synclavier
Some really strange Buchla synth
A Serge modular analogue synth which took up one whole wall
Akai S-1000 samplers
Roland D-110
Roland U-110
Roland MKS-80
Roland MKS-50
Roland D-50
E-MU Proteus
Oberheim Matrix 1000

Song Clips

Trk. # Song title Audio Excerpt Comments
Peace & Love, Inc.
(Album Version)
Music as politics
Peace & Love, Inc.
(Passion Mix)
To The City
Sample Fest 4
Peace & Love, Inc.
(Disco Mosh Pit Mix)
Peace & Love, Inc.
(Radio Remix)

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