1997 - Cleopatra (Hypnotic) Records
Catalogue # 0199-2

InSoc on the "Future Wave" compilation

   Once again I was surprised to learn on UseNet that another song from "Don't Be Afraid" was being featured on another Cleopatra Compilation album, this time called "Future Wave".
   The song is "On The Outside 2.1". This is the album version.

Equipment used on this song included:
Cakewalk Pro Sequencing Software running on a PC, and recorded onto DAT and ADAT.
Roland JV-880
Kurzweil K-2000 sampler
Akai S-1100 sampler
Akai S-1000 samplers
Roland JX-8P
Steve's Schechter guitar-thing.

Song Clip

Trk. # Song title Audio Excerpt Lyrics Comments
On The Outside 2.1
Still dark outside the window...
Self-aggrandizing mutilation

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Artist Name of the song
Gary Numan, remixed by Le�therstrip Are 'Friends' Electric?
Spahn Ranch Hertic's Fork
Heaven 17, remixed by Gregorio We Blame Love
Switchblade Symphony Dirty Dog
Le�therstrip Showroom Dummies (originally by Kraftwerk)
Kill Switch... Klick Konsonent
New Order Evil Dust
Razed In Black I've Suffered Long Enough
Information Society
On The Outside 2.1
Lights Of Euphoria Slow Motion
The Electric Hellfire Club, remixed by Razed In Black) Prince Of Darkness
DAF Brothers
Rosetta Stone Living On The Ceiling