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1995 - Control-Alt-Delete Records
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InSoc on the CatCompilation 2 album

In 1993, Jeri Beck started an InSoc and other synth bands-related fan-group called "Control-Alt-Delete". In 1995, C-A-D put out the second of 3 CD compilations. I contributed 1 song: "Closing In 1.0", the home demo of "Closing 2.0" which is on "Don't Be Afraid".
The CD has 16 songs by 16 different artists, but I'm only posting the clip of the InSoc song.

Equipment used on the 2 InSoc songs on this album included:
Akai S-1000 samplers.
Roland MKS-80 analogue synth.
Roland D-110 PCM synth
Voyetra's Seqencer Plus Gold MIDI computer sequencer.
Roland SRV-2000 reverb
Boss (Roland) SE-50 multi-effects

Song Clips

Trk. # Song title Audio Excerpt Comments
Closing In 1.0
Epic downfall...

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