Review of Don't Be Afraid by Green Muse

   "My wife picked DBA, being she was a fan of old InSoc and saw the Numan cover on it (we had just been to the Atlanta leg of Numan's Dominion Day Tour). Personally, I never cared so much for the "fluffy and geeky" quality of old InSoc, but when we played it in the car as we drove home, I knew I was balanced between [as the voice in DBA notes) love and fear. I couldn't stop listening to it, even though it kept me in a strangely wonderful mood of pleasantly morbid discomfort. Normally, I loathe this sort of music, but this is not a celebration of nightmares, but of coping with and understanding of them. Kurt's pleasantly melodic voice invites you in deeper where the tired pop-90's grating and moaning vocals annoy you and push you away from sharing in the experience. It's only been three days, and I put my headphones on to listen to it as I go to sleep. I don't understand the synergy (familiarity with Larry Fast nonwithstanding) here, but this album is a must have for those who want to be gently lead musically through the extremes we must cope with in life and not be left a smoking wreckage. I wasn't an InSoc fan four days ago. I am now."