I have been asked many times what the radio announcer speaking in Portuguese
on HACK is saying. I never knew until recently, when a very helpful Brasilian
named Darcy Oliveira translated it for me, and sent me the following e-mail:

In track 3.1 "Wenn Wellen Schwingen" from "Hack" album, there is an excerpt
of a brazilian radio station called "Radio Jovem Pan". They usually play
dance music all day long.

This excerpt is an advertisement about a show promoted by this radio in Sao
Paulo, 1989 ( your first show in Brazil, I think). The radio announcer says,
while "Walking Away" and "Something in the Air" are playing in the background:

"... and also the participation of "Capital Inicial" (*) and the greatest
success of the moment: In- In- In- In- Information Society! You will not
lose this... In- In- In- In- Information Society."

(*) "Capital Inicial" is a brazilian pop rock band. They played in this show
and also in Rock in Rio 2, at the same night of INSOC. (What a coincidence!)

After this, the radio announcer continues, while the same message plays
backward in the background:

"Tickets for sale in "Mappin Itaim" (*) and "Praca Londres" (*). Go to the
show and buy the album. This month..."

(*) "Mappin Itaim" and "Praca Londres" are shops that sponsored the show too.

Darcy Oliveira - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil