Comments: SEEK300 2.11.
SEEK300 2.11

If you have InSoc's 2nd album, (not counting Creatures Of Influence) HACK, you'll understand what this song is about. I like to make all-out sample-fest instrumentals. SEEK200 on HACK was a start, this is a continuation. Watch for SEEK100 on the 5th album. I recorded version 1.0 in the fall of 1993, as part of a desperate bid to bury myself in my work. Fred and I recorded version 2.0 in 08/96. I wanted a different kick drum sound, so we made a new one, and recorded that as version 2.1. Then we realized that we had forgotten the little girl voice in the intro. We added that in, and that became version 2.11.

I think that SEEK300 is a fairly good portrait of emotional states that us boys get into from time to time. (If girls get into these states, they haven't told me about it) "INSANITY; MY COMMODITY" pretty much says it all. I suppose I could try to be maudlin and claim that it's some commentary on being a rock star, but then, I'm not really a rock star, so...

There are so many samples of obscure heavy metal records in this song that I wouldn't even want to begin to list them. Fred played the guitar part that occurs at 3:34. At least, he played a bunch of guitar, we recorded it, and I found a little 4-second part I liked, sampled it, and sequenced it into the song. The super-distorto synth sounds are my favorite. They're a set of about 40 sounds I made using my ancient Korg MS-20 and a Rockman "Sustainor". This song also has DBA's only Star Trek-type speech samples. (I think)
This one should be fun to play live. (Ouch!)