Comments: SEEK200

    When we started our second album on the heels of the success of the first album, we decided we could now let ourselves do whatever we wanted, as long as we also did some normal songs. This song and Hard Currency were the ones I got to do. Paul and I both recognized that you couldn't make an album out of synth/sample fests, but we loved to make songs like that.

    This is actually meant to be the dark opposite of Move Out. The original song structures of the two were essentially the same, with Move Out being upbeat and SEEK200 being scary. Move Out was changed so much, though, that the connection isn't obvious. SEEK200 ver. 1.0 appears on the first Cat Compilation album.

    That's me saying "Mommy? When are we going home?" I just spoke in a girly voice and played it back a little higher than I recorded it.