Comments: Ozar Midrashim 1.1.

I recorded version 1.0 of this in 07/96 around the same time as Empty 2.0: right before beginning with Fred. When I went into the studio with Steve, I talked to him about the idea of just using version 1.0 on the album. I was concerned that the audio quality of it would be too different or just not good enough to go with the other songs on the album. On the other hand, it was an instrumental, so there weren't vocals to worry about, and using my home version would give me another song for the album, which was an important consideration because Steve only had time to do 6 songs. He listened to it and felt that after the album was mastered, it would fit in well. He also said that it was way too long. I took it into Sound Forge 4.0 and made a shorter edit of the song by removing some chunks. This is version 1.1.

This song is fairly self-explanatory. I started with an idea for the rhythm; The drums that lead down into a huge impact on beats 1 and 4. The rest is all mood. It's the sort of thing I like to hear at dance clubs. You can really only hear things like this at goth clubs.

Like most of my home versions, I got this song all up and running live, and then just recorded it onto my hard disc. The sounds are pretty standard, compared to most of my stuff. The only interesting sounds are the low noise rhythms, which are recordings of me scraping a big metal hotel key across a formica countertop. The animal sounds are from a National Geographic animals CD.