From: Kurt Larson [[email protected]]
Wed 9/16/2004 4:48 PM

> I left a message for you earlier today.

   Yes, I got both of them. I wasn't in yet.

> week. I understand that you've had a change of heart regarding your
> participation in the reunion and concert set for this week.

   No, that is not the case. I have had no change of heart. I never seriously said I would do the show. If you've watched the tapes of your people trespassing into our building without permission, and then into my office without knocking, you will have seen that when your voice talent asked if I would do a show, my response was to point out that that is not how contracts to perform shows are made. He then intimated that he just needed me to play along for the cameras, which I did in a sort of wink-wink way. In between then and now, I never once said that I would do ANYTHING, let alone fly to Los Angeles to perform work so that Viacom could enhance shareholder value.

> After we had made contact with the four band members -- you, Amanda, Jim and
> Paul -- and you all agreed to the reunion and concert,

   That is not the case. I did not agree to do a reunion and/or concert. Watch ALL of the tape of me. Make them show you the part where I refused to actually agree to anything real. Watch the part where your voice talent was bugging me to just play along because the cameras were rolling and he needed a shot. At no time did I in any serious way commit myself to doing anything.

> we floated the word via the
> web that there could be an Information Society reunion concert.

   Then why did you ask me to sign an NDA which specified that I was to be held liable for $500,000 in the event that I floated word of an upcoming show? Thank god I had the presence of mind to remember to not sign THAT document.

> Within 24
> hours we received approximately 120 emails from fans who wanted to
> attend the concert. We even received an e-mail from a fan in Rio (as
> in Brazil) who wanted to fly in for the concert -- pretty impressive.
> This is the most immediate and strongest response we've had in the
> seven shows we've produced to date. Your fans really love you and
> would be thrilled at the opportunity to see you and the band perform one more time.

   That's nice to hear. You seem to be something of a "friend of the band"... perhaps you could do us a favor: We're working on doing a reunion show in November in NYC at a great old night club at which we played shows in the 80's. Perhaps you could float the word about that show in response to those 120 e-mails? I would really appreciate it. I know you're busy and all, but like you and all of your people have told me, it's really all about the fans and the music, ya know? Maybe you could even send a camera crew!

> And just so you know -- we
> don�t charge for these tickets. We give the tickets away for free to
> people who either contact us via e-mail or pick up tickets at ticket
> give-away locations here in Los Angeles.

   That's not terribly surprising, considering that each person in the audience is essentially performing work for Viacom, (in the form of being the audience for your recorded property) and has to travel at their own expense.

   I'm sure you understand that the seriousness and severity of my tone in this letter are commensurate with the number of times I've been contacted about this issue. You may expect this relationship to remain proportional up until about n=10, at which point it will most likely become exponential.


- Kurt Larson