From: Dave Rupel [[email protected]]
Fri 9/10/2004 10:24 AM


Dave Rupel here -- I was one of the three people on the conference call yesterday. Thanks for talking with us and expressing your concerns.

As a longtime music fan, producing this show has given me tremendous pleasure. Without a doubt, the best days are always when we hear the band rehearse for the first time. After the long months spent researching, planning and flying across the country, it's just a real joy to hear the band play -- which is always our ultimate goal.

We've been fortunate enough to have a pretty good track record. Of the eight shows we're doing this season, six of the bands have gotten up on the stage to peform (New Kids on the Block being the one exception.) We'd love to make Information Society our seventh concert.

Getting to this point hasn't been easy. Approaching people to recreate something they haven't done in up to two decades brings with it all kinds of concerns. And if I've learned anything, every single person is different... and must be approached in that manner.

It's our goal to accomodate each musician in any way we can. With your band's case, we've already made special considerations for Jim Cassidy and Amanda Kramer.

Jim's nephew was with him when our crew surprised him. Jim plays a large role in his nephew and niece's lives and he asked that we bring them to Los Angeles so they could see the band perform live -- something they've never done before. We agreed and made those arrangements.

With Amanda, there is about a 4 day gap from our scheduled concert to when she was supposed to be back in the US to continue her tour with the Psychedelic Furs. We agreed to pay for Amanda's hotel on those extra days. Since she is also traveling such a long distance, we are providing her with a business class ticket, something we normally don't do.

Both of those situations cost us extra money that we weren't originally budgeted for. But we made those accomodations because we really do want the band members to be happy.

So in your case, if you really feel philosophically that you shouldn't perform with the band without payment, we can work with that. Because of the way the network functions, it won't be called payment. It would either be categorized as "lost wages" or perhaps payment for archival footage.

We haven't really discussed a range, so I'll start this with an offer of $2000. (This is, of course, on top of your flight, hotel and per diem.) This is a negotiable number, so please let me know what you think.

I'll try and make this process as quick and painless as possible. However, please know, I have to get all numbers approved by the network, so if it's at all delayed, that's the reason.

You can either email me back, or call me on my direct office number - 818-557-1157.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dave Rupel Co-Executive Producer, "Bands Reunited"