Miscellaneous images

   If you want to save an image to disc, hold down the shift key while clicking on the link, or, right-click on the iamge after it appears to bring up the image menu and then choose "save image as".

- A painting I did at age 16, when I thought I was going to be a painter

- Another example of my high-school art career.

- The first business cards we made - 1983

- This is a junk-circuit board with l.e.d.'s that I had on my Korg MS-20 keyboard stand in 1982-3.

- THE official InSoc logo. Feel free to use it to refer to InSoc on anything you might create. (19k)

- Same logo in .gif format (9k)

- The set of the What's On Your Mind video

- 3 of my hair extensions from 1990. (The HACK album cover hair)

- A cartoon I drew about being on tour

- Looking northwest off my back porch in San Francisco

- Looking up from my back porch

- Looking South from my back porch

- Close-up of my bedroom

- Want to authenticate an autograph? It should look at least SOMETHING like this.

- Ticket stub from Brasilian show