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1988 - Tommy Boy records
Catalogue # TB 919

Walking Away single

   This single was also released on vinyl, and the vinyl version was different. There were 6 tracks, including mixes not available on the CD single called "The House Dub", and "Dub". Also, there was a new song called "Make It Funkier", which is also not on the CD. Since it's not on the CD single, I've included an .MP3 recording of the entire song here. (2.7 megs) If you don't have an .MP3 player, download THIS ONE.
It was on this single that we began to realise how little control a band, especially a dance band, really has over its re-mixes. We rejected the Shep Pettibone mix outright. It went on the CD anyway. We really didn't like the "The Space Age" samples in the Space Age mix, they stayed.
That's Paul's silhouette on the cover.

Equipment used on this single included:
E-MU SP-12 drum machine
Sequential circuits Prophet-2000 sampler
Roland JX-3P analogue synth
Roland MKS-80 analogue synth
8 Yamaha TX81-Z's
Voyetra's Sequencer Plus Computer Sequencing software

Song Clips

Trk. # Song title Audio Excerpt Comments
Walking Away
(Radio Edit)
Let's go see...
Walking Away
(LP Version)
Walking Away
(Space Age Mix)
Walking Away
(S.M.D. Mix)

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