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1989 - Tommy Boy Records
Catalogue # TB 933

Lay All Your Love single

Fourth single for the first album. Despite extensive work and money put into re-mixes, this single got far less attention than our first two. Hm. Could it have been because it was a re-make of an ABBA song?
"Funky At 45" was made specifically to go on this single. It's yet another evolution of "Make It Funky".

Equipment used on this album included:
E-MU SP-12 drum machine
Sequential circuits Prophet-2000 sampler
Roland JX-3P analogue synth
Roland MKS-80 analogue synth
8 Yamaha TX81-Z's
Voyetra's Sequencer Plus Computer Sequencing software

Song Clips

Trk. # Song title Audio Excerpt Comments
Lay All Your Love On Me
(Justin Strauss Re-mix)
Lay All Your Love On Me
(restriced Re-mix)
Lay All Your Love On Me
(Prohibited Dub)
Lay All Your Love On Me
(Radio Hot Mix)
Lay All Your Love On Me
(Phil Harding Metal Mega-Mix)
Funky At 45
The Talking Moose grows strong...

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