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1990 - CBS/Sony Records
Catalogue # CSDS8161.

Japanese Knife & A Fork "Think Tank" single

Yes, Think Tank is now an act on HAKATAK records, and yes, HAKATAK is Paul Robb's label. What's the deal? Before Hack was to be released, Tommy Boy and we had this idea of releasing a "secret single" to DJ's only, which would be known to be InSoc only by those who were relaly paying attention. At the time, the band "Think Tank", and the label "HAKATAK" were fictional. Now... well, life does imitate art, doesn't it?
This is basically just "Knife & A Fork" and "HACK1" from the album. This version of Knife & A Fork is more than 7 minutes long, but doesn't sound all that different from the original. HACK1 is the album version.
Neat little 3-inch japanese CD-single. Bet you wish YOU had one... Ha ha.

Equipment used on this album included:
Voyetra Sequencer Plus MIDI sequencing software
DigiDesign's ProTools
Akai S-1000 sampler
Roland MKS-80 analogue synth
Roland MKS-50 analogue synth
Roland D-50 PCM synth
Roland D-110 PCM synth
Roland U-110 PCM synth
Roland D-550 PCM synth
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Roland SRV-2000 reverb
Eventide Ultra-harmonizer
Yamaha SPX-1000 multi-effects
And a whole lot of other stuff.

Song Clips

Trk. # Song title Audio Excerpt Comments
A Knife & A Fork
(Massively Parallel mix)
Rhymes and Reason...
Sample-Fest 3...

It is not possible to purchase this single. I have one. You don't. Tee Hee. (tm)