1997 - Cleopatra (Hypnotic) Records
Catalogue # 00972

InSoc on "The Darkest Hour" compilation

One day in 06/97, I was answering posts on the alt.music.info-society newsgroup, and I saw a post in which someone was talking about getting the new InSoc single on a compilation album. I assumed he was mistaken at first, but after checking with Cleopatra, I learned about this album.
This is the album version.

Equipment used on this album included:
Logic and Logic Audio sequencing software running on some kind of computer that wasn't a PC
Akai S-1000 samplers
Alesis ADAT's.
E-Mu's Proteus 2
2 Roland MKS-50's
2 Roland MKS-80's
Roland R8-M
Roland JV-880
Roland JD-990
Roland SRV-2000 reverb
Boss (Roland) SE-50 multi-effects
SoundTracs Solo MIDI mixer.

Song Clips

Trk. # Song title Audio Excerpt Comments
Are 'Friends' Electric? 2.0
Alone, subsumed, discarded...

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Band who did the cover Name of the song Who did it originally
Rosetta Stone Helter Skelter The Beatles
Type O Negative Paranoid Black Sabbath
The Electric Hellfire Club Calling Dr. Luv KISS
The Damned I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night Nav Nomad and the Nightmares
Psychic TV Good Vibrations The Beach Boys
Christian Death Panic In Detroit David Bowie
Information Society
Are 'Friends' Electric? Gary Numan
Le�therstrip Learning To Fly Pink Floyd
Corpus Delicti Suffragette City David Bowie
Mephisto Waltz White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane
Alien Sex Fiend Silver Machine Hawkwind
Executive Slacks Rock 'N' Roll Gary Glitter
Farenheit 451 Fire Arthur Brown
Die Krupps Isolation Joy Division