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1995 - Control-Alt-Delete Records
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InSoc on the CatScan 1 album

In 1993, Jeri Beck started an InSoc and other synth bands-related fan-group called "Control-Alt-Delete". In 1995, C-A-D put out the third of 3 CD compilations. I contributed 1 song to this one: "Sing In Code". It's a really long, self-indulgent, orchestral-vocal piece. Many people have asked me about the "lyrics"... there are none. I'm just making up syllables as I go along.
The CD has 15 songs by 15 different artists, but I'm only posting clips of the InSoc song.

Equipment used on the 2 InSoc songs on this album included:
Akai S-1000 samplers. (which I still have)
E-MU Proteus
Roland MKS-80 analogue synth.
Voyetra's Seqencer Plus Gold MIDI computer sequencer.
Roland SRV-2000 reverb
Boss (Roland) SE-50 multi-effects

Song Clips

Trk. # Song title Audio Excerpt Comments
Sing In Code 1.0
I give up...

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